Cutting Edge Automation

J&J Innovations Automated Broiler touch screen

State-of-the-Art Automated Cooking and Cutting Broiler

A fully automated vertical broiler that cooks and cuts to specification and allow kitchens to produce a more consistent product each and every time.

J&J Innovations Automated Broiler

Designed by a Master Chef

For over a century the name Massad has been synonymous with culinary excellence in the Bekaa Valley of Lebanon.

In 1984, John Massad brought his culinary excellence to the United States.

Today the Massad family continues to deliver groundbreaking innovation by introducing their cutting edge automated cooking and cutting broiler.

We are restauranteurs creating customized solutions that work.

John Massad J&J Innovations President and Chef

Advanced Features

Easy Load Latch

Simplifies loading and unloading the machine

LED Lighting

Increases visibility for loading, cleaning, and maintenance

Custom Tempered Curved Glass

Gives wide angle view of cooking and operations

Micro-Based Control Board

Provides all the circuitry necessary for high tech control tasks

Patented Shroud Design

Ensures precision slicing and consistency

Infrared Temperature Sensor

Simplifies accurate and custom cooking

Electronic Door Latch

Advanced safety measure

Multi-Use Versatility

Cutomizes broiling and slicing for chicken, lamb, beef and pork

Touch Screen Navigation

Streamlines machine operation

Cuts labor significantly with fully automated operation

Increases consistency and reduces waste

Versatile settings for lamb, chicken, pork, and beef

Customize settings for preferred cooking and slicing

Built in safety features and high quality construction

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Cutting Edge Automation

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